Principal Investigators

Amy Sapkota, PhD
Shirley Micallef, PhD
Channah Rock, PhD
Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein, PhD
Barbara Chamberlin, PhD
Jeanne Gleason, EdD

Content Advisors

Rachel Rosenberg Goldstein, PhD
Jessica Dery
Sarah Allard, PhD

User Testing

Adrián Aguirre
Amanda Armstrong
Joel Ewing
Paul Goeringer
Amy Smith Muise
Mayhah Suri

Executive Producer

Jeanne Gleason, EdD

Instructional Designer

Barbara Chamberlin, PhD

Learning Technology Specialist

Pamela N. Martinez, EdD

Studio Production Director

Adrián Aguirre

Project Manager

Amy Smith Muise

Art Director

Adrián Aguirre

Artists and Animators

Adrián Aguirre
Bryan Rutter
Evan Evans
Anastasia Hames
Lorenzo Zepeda


CC Chamberlin
Frank Eshelman

Voice Talent

Wendy Brown


Amy Smith Muise

Educational Supplement

Polina Chizhov (lead)
Amy Smith Muise

Marketing & Distribution

Amanda Chase
Amy Smith Muise
Claudia Long Yee Yu

Website Developer

Elizabeth Sohn

Studio Support

Esther Aguirre
Patricia Clark
Hector Gonzales

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Natalie Brassill – University of Arizona Cooperative Extension
Chengsheng Jiang, PhD – Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health, University of Maryland, College Park
Shirley Micallef, PhD – Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture & Center for Food Safety and Security Systems (CFS3), University of Maryland
Sultana Solaiman - Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, University of Maryland

Special Thanks

CONSERVE Mid-Atlantic Extension Advisory Panel
Learning Games Lab Think Tank participants